I started the CarrickOnLine website 12 years ago. It's been a labour of love for most of that time as I felt it was important to create a connection for those living away from home, myself included. I ran the site on a voluntary basis with help from friends initially, but for most of it on my own.
I've tried to give space to anyone from home who had something of interest to get on-line, including many local businesses and never charged for this while meeting all the costs of maintaining the site, and that was fine with me, I only ever wanted to use it to promote the local area which I love. Over recent years I've depended on Ocean FM for bits and pieces of local news, but recently that has been reduced to Obituaries which although important cannot be the only news item on a successful website.
Unfortunately without getting some news from home I can't continue to maintain the site on my own in this format and have decided to take it offline.
I hope any of you who have visited the CarrickOnLine site have got something from it over the years.
I am now looking at a redesign of the Carrick site which will allow better interactivity from others . Hopefully the site will be back in some form early next year.

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